1. Monsoon Tea


  2. Elephant Parade Artbox Competition


    *Additional footage provided by Anantara Hotels & Resorts and Elephant Parade.

  3. The Plight of the Asian Elephant and the Friends of the Asian Elephant Hospital in Lampang

    Elephant Parade


  4. Sabu-Sabu Natural Body Care Products, the story of brand creator Virginia Bird


  5. Sabu-Sabu website

    <web development and design, all photography and video>

  6. The ‘Stans

    Travel+Leisure Southeast Asia, February 2014


  7. Equal Before The Law, an overview of a project by the Eurasia Foundation in Central Asia.

    Shot on location in Kyrgyzstan, Kazakstan and Tajikistan.

    <director of photography/videographer/editor>

     | silk: from worm to yarn


  9. APOCCAS | meet the matrons “Salai + Maegong”


  10. APOCCAS | weaving video


  11. APOCCAS | grassroots luxury video


  12. Jonas Dept performing Chopin Nocturne in E Major.