1. The Plight of the Asian Elephant and the Friends of the Asian Elephant Hospital in Lampang

    Elephant Parade


  2. Sabu-Sabu Natural Body Care Products, the story of brand creator Virginia Bird


  3. Sabu-Sabu website

    <web development and design, all photography and video>

  4. The ‘Stans

    Travel+Leisure Southeast Asia, February 2014


  5. Equal Before The Law, an overview of a project by the Eurasia Foundation in Central Asia.

    Shot on location in Kyrgyzstan, Kazakstan and Tajikistan.

    <director of photography/videographer/editor>

     | silk: from worm to yarn


  7. APOCCAS | meet the matrons “Salai + Maegong”


  8. APOCCAS | weaving video


  9. APOCCAS | grassroots luxury video


  10. Jonas Dept performing Chopin Nocturne in E Major.



  11. TCDC (Thailand Creative & Design Center) Chiang Mai opened it’s doors in April, 2013. This video highlights TCDC’s mission in their Bangkok flagship branch and what they’re bringing to the Chiang Mai design community.

    Thai version

    <producer/director/voice over narration>

  12. Thai Lanna Wellness Roadshow 2013

    Thailand’s Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP)